Why Should Your Child See an Orthodontist?

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Our oral health is an essential part of our well being. By planning ahead, you’re giving your child the best chance at a healthy, clean, smile! With 35 years of combined experience, myORTHODONTIST uses a customized treatment approach for every patient. Feel confident knowing that you are prepared when bringing your child to their first orthodontic appointment!

When Should My Child Have Their First Visit?

The Canadian Association of Orthodontists recommend you bring your child in for their first visit around the ages of six to eight. Most children will be ready for their first assessment once their first permanent molars have erupted. Your child may still not need treatment for a few years, but it’s important to let a professional decide when and if preventive treatment is needed. During your consultation, we can discuss early warning signs and make a timeline of when to come back!


Long Term Benefits

When your child is young, their mouth is more pliable, and their jaws are still developing. By seeing an orthodontist at an early age, we can plan for the future and help mitigate potential problems now! Not only can this save you money, it can also help prevent more serious treatment or surgery down the road. Signs indicating that your child is in need of braces could include: difficulties chewing, crooked teeth, abnormal bite, problems with speech, mouth breathing and irregular loss of baby teeth. At myORTHODONTIST, we practice airway focused orthodontics. This treatment will help optimize your child’s breathing, giving them not only a better sleep, but an improvement to their overall health!

Our smiles have a strong link to self-esteem. By catering to your child’s needs now, you can help their teeth grow into a better position for the future, and achieve a healthy bite. We use our smiles everyday, make sure your child feels confident in theirs!


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