Invisalign: An Alternative To Traditional Teen Braces

22 Nov 2017 Uncategorized

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Traditional metal braces may not be your preference for orthodontic treatment – and that’s okay! There are other options available to achieve a straight and healthy smile. Children and especially teenagers can feel shy or not confident when wearing braces. Good news – there’s another option that they can explore.

Invisalign has the technology called ‘ clear aligners’ and they are used to address a variety of orthodontic concerns, such as overbites, crowded teeth, gapped teeth, and crossbites. Invisalign has incredible results. The aligners act as a clear and strong shield for the teeth – made from stable thermoplastic. They are custom built for the shape of each individual mouth and apply just the right amount of pressure at the just right time for optimal orthodontic results.

Being fitted for your Invisalign is straightforward: through x-rays, photographs and impressions of your teeth and gums, we will make a 3D representation of your teeth and the desired result.

Your custom aligners will fit tightly over your teeth, making slow, steady changes over time. Teeth will move side to side, up and down, and even slightly rotate according to the plan you’ve discussed with your doctor. Typical treatments last between 12 and 14 months, with some patients completing treatment even faster!

One of the best things about Invisalign is the lifestyle – unlike traditional braces, these clear aligners will have little to no impact on your day to day life.

It’s also important to note the cost of braces. Did you know that at the end of treatment, Invisalign and traditional wire braces can be similar in costs? There is no extra fee for Invisalign!

If your child or teen likes to play sports or indulge in certain foods, you won’t have to worry about the constraints of regular braces. Just take off the aligners and place back when finished. The results are worth the inquiry. Contact us today to book a consultation for your child or teenager’s braces. It never hurts to ask or even get a second opinion!


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