Introducing Dental 3D Scanning and Printing at myORTHODONTIST Calgary

15 Jun 2020 Uncategorized

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On top of many other office upgrades, we are excited to announce that myORTHODONTIST is now offering dental 3D printing at our McKenzie Towne location!

Our new in-house 3D printer from SprintRay allows us to treat your child accurately and with their comfort in mind! This new technology also offers a shorter wait time for your family’s customized orthodontics – including clear aligners, retainers, and indirect bonding trays. This new resource will allow us to advance treatment for children, teens and adults undergoing orthodontic care, resulting in a more precise and faster path to a healthy smile.

What Are the Benefits of Dental 3D Printing for my Child?

Our in-house Dental 3D printing brings a new level of comfort to our patients and confidence to parents! This new technology includes a digital scanner, changing the way we take impressions required for orthodontic treatment. Children can sometimes be uncomfortable with regular goop impressions because they can be sticky or can trigger their ‘gag reflux’. With digital scanning at myORTHODONTIST they can feel comfortable and at ease during this process. Our digital scanning provides a safe method for impressions that prevents gagging and uses less saliva.

3D printing allows us the ability to produce orthodontic appliances in a much shorter timeframe with more precision and accuracy. With this new technology in our office, we’re able to reduce the need for physical impressions by completing a highly accurate digital impression instead. By being able to produce custom orthodontics in-house, we no longer have to wait on third party components and your child will be able to start their treatment sooner.

What is the Dental 3D Printing Process? 

Dental 3D printing, also known as ‘additive manufacturing’, is something dental professionals have been using for many years. In-house 3D printers offer orthodontic practices highly-customized orthodontic manufacturing.

The process begins with scanning your child’s teeth using a digital scanner. After that, an orthodontist uses software to create an exact 3D model of their mouth and teeth. The orthodontist then uses the 3D model to create custom orthodontics. The process can take as little as just a few hours to complete!

How Can Dental 3D Scanning and Printing Help My Child’s Smile?

Dental 3D scanning and printing can be used to help create an orthodontic solution to aid children with airway problems. Airway focused orthodontics allows for clear and open airways that can improve the overall sleep and breathing habits of your child. At myORTHODONTIST, we focus on providing your child with early and preventative treatment. By developing the jaw structure at an early age and using a child’s natural growth to our advantage, we can address these concerns and provide your children with a healthier future.

At myORTHODONTIST we strive to provide our clients with professional personalized care and will now continue to do so with our new in-house dental 3D scanning and printing technology. Dental 3D printing can be used to help the smiles of children, teens and adults. Contact us for custom orthodontics in Calgary! Feel free to call our McKenzie Towne location at 587.400.7804 or Okotoks location at 587.410.7165 for more information.

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