Gum Care During Orthodontic Treatment

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Maintaining proper oral hygiene can sometimes be challenging if you are wearing braces. However, keeping your gums healthy while you are undergoing treatment is a must. At myORTHODONTIST, we have some helpful tips for caring for your gums during your treatment:

  – Keep your plaque under control with a proper diet. Avoid eating foods rich in sugar (sweets, soda, ice cream).
  – Avoid eating food that is extremely sticky or hard to chew. This might cause damage to your braces.
  – Eat healthy foods such as vegetables. Remember to cut them into bite-sized pieces and chew properly.
  – Brush and floss your teeth regularly. Try to brush after every meal or at minimum rinse your mouth.
  – Use a soft bristle toothbrush for effective plaque removal.
  – For hard to clean areas, use an inter-dental brush.
  – Visit your Dentist regularly.
  – Use toothpaste with fluoride and brush your gum line in a circular motion for 10 seconds to properly clean all sides of your teeth. This technique will help prevent tooth decay.
  – Remember to take out your removable orthodontic appliance before brushing your teeth.
  – Clean your removable orthodontic appliance regularly.
If you have any questions for us, contact one of our orthodontic offices located in Calgary and Okotoks, Alberta.

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