Give The Gift Of A Healthy Smile!

21 Dec 2020 Uncategorized

Direct Billing To Insurance and Affordable Payment Plans!


Are you still looking for gift ideas? Why not give the gift of a new, healthy smile! Our team at myORTHODONTIST wants to help you give a gift that won’t be soon forgotten!

A bright and white smile requires proper and consistent oral hygiene. However, if you have misaligned teeth, you will most likely need to undergo orthodontic treatment to help reach your smile goals. Our team of orthodontic professionals in Calgary uses personalized appliances to fix bite problems and align teeth and jaws. Although aesthetics are a big benefit of treatment, there are many other reasons why you might want to consider giving this gift that will last a lifetime! 

Better Oral Hygiene

If you have crooked or over crowded teeth, you’re more likely to get tiny pieces of food stuck in your smile. This is not only embarrassing at times, but it can also increase your chances of developing tooth decay and cavities! It can also be hard to brush and floss teeth that are misaligned. Orthodontic treatment can help to straighten out teeth and improve overall oral hygiene!  

Improved Appearance

An improved appearance is a noticeable benefit of orthodontic treatment. This can lead to higher confidence levels and help to boost your mental alertness, emotional state and the first impression you give to people. Your self-esteem can also increase, allowing you to have a better interpersonal relationship. 

Increased Oral Function

Misalignment of teeth can put strain on your jaw joints, which can lead to jaw problems. With a jaw problem, it often becomes difficult to open and close your mouth. Since we use our jaws everyday to speak and eat, having a jaw problem can be a big and often painful inconvenience. It’s best to try and correct oral misalignment before any complications arise. 

Receive Special Pricing On The FULL Invisalign Treatment! 

Right now at myORTHODONTIST, we’re offering the FULL Invisalign treatment for only $49 bi-weekly for 50 months. For this great price, you or a loved one can achieve an aligned smile in a convenient, comfortable, and nearly invisible manner! The FULL Invisalign package includes your series of custom aligners, at home monitoring (DM), acceleration (vPro) and professional teeth whitening from Opalescence! With these tools, we can help you, or a loved one achieve the smile of their dreams while saving time and money! 

Give The Gift Of Orthodontic Treatment in Calgary! 

Whether it’s for yourself or a family member, give a gift that will last a lifetime! We offer flexible payment plans with no money down and direct billing to your insurance provider to help eliminate any financial barriers. We’d be happy to speak with you about our services, including Invisalign, airway focused orthodontics, and mouthguards! Contact us today to book your appointment with a Calgary orthodontist. Wish you all a very happy holiday season! 

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