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We make insurance easy with time-saving DIRECT BILLING options. Let us help you process your insurance!

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We offer affordable financing options on a customized plan to fit each client’s needs.

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A true partnership where the family, myORTHODONTIST and Smiles Change Lives work together to help children receive the smiles they deserve!

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Our team has 35 Years of combined experience specializing in Orthodontics in Calgary. Dr. Dhol and Dr.Eimar, along with our team at myORTHODONTIST offer various orthodontic treatments including Invisalign clear braces for children, teens and adults, airway focused orthodontics for children and more! If you or your child are looking for braces in Calgary, consider our friendly and professional team at myORTHODONTIST. We look forward to meeting you and improving your smile!


We are here for you… during and AFTER your orthodontic treatment! Want some tweaks? Rest assured, we’ve got you covered!


Need corrective treatment? Hate wires and brackets? We offer a comprehensive range of orthodontic services, such as Invisalign® and more!


Lost your retainers? Did they break? Fido chew them up? Need an extra appointment? Not to worry… we’ve got you covered at no additional cost.


It’s important to us that we offer flexible financing. We make payment simple with customized plans to fit each client’s needs.


Coming to the orthodontist should be FUN and REWARDING! Earn Hub Rewards points during your orthodontic journey and smile!


We understand – you’re busy and in demand! We offer flexible scheduling for your appointments, including evening options.


Located at McKenzie Towne and Okotoks. We pride ourselves on fun and comfort, with a movie theatre + iPad hub in our office!


Organizing your insurance program can be time consuming. We are happy to offer DIRECT BILLING options.

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Just because we’re specialists doesn’t mean
our time is more special than yours.

Just because we’re specialists doesn’t mean our time is more special than yours.

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When is The Best Age to Begin Orthodontic Treatment?

At myORTHODONTIST, we get this question all of the time - "When is The Best Age to Begin Orthodontic Treatment?" In this blog post, we will take the time to explain when we think is the best age for orthodontic treatment.

The current guidelines of The Canadian Association of Orthodontists recommend that all children be seen by an orthodontist between the ages of seven and nine. Some children require and can benefit from early intervention treatments. If you notice crowding adult teeth or a misaligned bite, it's a good idea to make an appointment.

An interesting fact about teeth, your chronological age does not always match your dental age! This means your teeth may come in at different times than others and may shift later on in life.

If you are questioning having your child in for orthodontic treatment we recommend you make an appointment for a consultation. The best way to approach dental health is by being proactive! Early treatment can prevent a more complicated treatment later on.

Orthodontic treatment can be suitable prior to issues developing as a proactive approach. Everyone is different and so are their teeth!

The best way to determine if orthodontic treatment is required is to come in for a complimentary consultation. Our orthodontic services are available in Calgary at McKenzie Towne and in Okotoks. Contact us today to book a consultation!

Post-Halloween Guide for Braces!

The treats have come pouring into your home and now you are faced with the question, what treats are safe for my child with braces to eat? We are here to help!

Have your child eat the soft, non-sticky options! Chocolate bars are a delicious treat that they can enjoy! There are many safe options like Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, Hershey’s, Kit Kat and more. These choices have a small chance of causing damage to braces.

The treats you should have your child avoid are ones that are hard and sticky! Candies like Skittles, Starburst, or Taffy Taffy can all cause issues and are best to steer clear of.

We hope your family had a fun and safe Halloween this year! We look forward to seeing you at myORTHDONTIST for your next orthodontic appointment. Contact our Calgary or Okotoks office to book your appointment!

A Successful 2019 Calgary Minor Football Charity Jamboree!

As the proud feature sponsor, we are ecstatic to share that the 10th Annual Minor Football Charity Jamboree raised $40,698.90 this year! The proceeds were presented to Ronald McDonald House Charities Alberta.

Thank you to the wonderful teams and equally wonderful members of our community for coming out! You have all contributed to supporting our community through the Ronald McDonald House of Alberta! The proceeds will go towards programs and services that support families with sick or injured children in our area.

Here at myORTHODONTIST, our community has our hearts! We are committed to protecting your smiles and keeping them healthy! We offer custom mouth guards for only $5! This way your child can enjoy their favourite activities, such as football - while protecting their smile. Make an appointment for a mouthguard fitting at either our Okotoks or McKenzie Towne location. We will take an impression of your smile and send it to our laboratory. Once your $5 custom mouthguard is ready, it will be conveniently available for pick-up!

What is an Orthodontist?

Orthodontists are dental specialists who are University trained in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of dental and facial irregularities. They provide a wide range of treatment options to straighten crooked teeth, fix bad bites and align the jaws correctly. While orthodontists are primarily known for straightening teeth, they can also assist with painful and misaligned bites, tooth movement caused by bad habits such as thumb sucking, and even some forms of sleep apnea.
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Back to School Smiles!

Back to school is here! It's a great time to get your checklist organized. Let's take the time to check in on your child's smile with an orthodontic consultation at myORTHODONTIST!
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Calgary Minor Football Charity Jamboree 2019

Thank you to everyone who came out to participate and support the Calgary Minor Football Charity Jamboree this past weekend! We were honoured to be the featured sponsor and meet so many smiling faces in our community!
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McKenzie Towne Stampede Breakfast

This month, The Calgary Stampede was in full swing! At myORTHODONTIST, we celebrated with true Calgarian pride at the McKenzie Towne Stampede Pancake Breakfast on July 11! We greeted our community with snow cones, stickers and smiles at our booth! In our office, we had a balloon artist and face painters in action! We also had custom mouthguard fittings too. Our team was thrilled to connect with each and everyone one of you!
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Ethan Tetreault is twelve years old and currently a patient at our McKenzie Towne location. On Dec 20th he had surgery to remove a feeding tube he has had since birth. Ethan has faced many challenges in his...…

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